Matching People, Jobs, Education & Community with Integrity since 1994!                                         Central FL Unemployment 5.8%

Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC) | Matching People, Jobs, Education & Community with Integrity since 1994!

Central Florida Employment Council CFEC is a program of the Christian HELP Foundation, Inc.

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To prevent homelessness by helping people find jobs while providing for them materially and spiritually.


To see God honored by providing for the vocational, material and spiritual needs of those who are unemployed and actively seeking employment.

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Employment assistance

We have grown a lot over the years to increase the services that will fulfill our primary objective of helping the unemployed and underemployed find jobs. With the economy in the shape it is today, these services are more important than ever. It is difficult even for experienced professionals to find work these days. In an effort to bring job seekers and employers together online and in the community, we produce an employment resource website, as well Central Florida Job Fairs and Employment Seminars throughout the year. We trust these resources will serve you will on your job search!

The connection
Christian HELP Foundation, Inc. along with area human resource recruiting leaders founded the Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC) in 1994. Today Christian HELP Foundation, Inc. is the managing / parent organization of the Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC) program.  When you support CFEC, you make it possible for Christian HELP to continue serving the community!

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