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"I want a job and I am willing to work. What can I do?"

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Back in 2001, right before I was employed by Christian HELP Foundation, Inc. as their Marketing / Director for their CFEC program, I was very discouraged with my search for employment. I could not understand why so many doors were being closed and I did not know where else to turn. Then someone sent me these simple principles (listed below) to apply to my job search. I thought I would share them with other job seekers, in hopes they too may find something encouraging to help them get through another day, week, or month of their job search.

Apply these simple principles to the Job Search process.

"I want a job and I am willing to work. What can I do?"

1. Pray for God to direct your steps to become employed.

2. Thank God for His faithfulness to hear your prayers.

3. Claim your legal rights in Christ to have your needs met.

4. Ask for the strength and the ability to endure until you have the job.

5. Remain faithful in your search.

6. Look in the papers for the job.

7. Apply everywhere and anywhere that you would like to work.

8. Apply to places that you may not want to work at, but feel led to put in an application.

9. Tell everyone you know that you want to work.

10. Consistently apply for a job.

11. Visit a job service center for helpful ideas and suggestions.

12. Regularly look for job opportunities.

13. Faithfully submit your requests for a job to anyone and everyone.

14. Do not quit until you get a job.

15. Wait upon God for continued strength.

16. Wait upon God for continued guidance.

17. Wait upon God for doors to open.

18. Be ready to walk through the doors that God opens, even if you don't "love" it.

19. Be willing to listen for His still small voice.

20. Be open to God's ways which are higher than our ways.

21. Pray for wisdom to know the difference.

22. Pray for others that you know are seeking to have a job.

23. Pray for patience.

24. Wait upon God for His hand of blessing.

25. Remain thankful for all that you have already been blessed with.

26. Guard your mind against negatives.

27. Encourage yourself in the Lord by studying His Word.

28. Spend quiet time with God.

29. Pour out your heart before Him, seeking answers and guidance.

30. Wait for what is best for you--you are unique and deserve God's best.

31. Thoughtfully consider every suggestion offered to you, it may be God working in another way.

32. Be willing to enlarge your perspective, perhaps you know what you want to do, but you are underestimating your skills or worth.

33. Wait for God to move and work--while you are working to find work.

34. Make your desire to find a job your top priority.

35. Eat, drink, and sleep God's promises to meet your needs.

36. Eat, drink, and sleep your job search--seeking ways to become an employed individual.

37. Eat, drink, and sleep prayer concerning your search.

38. Ask for others to pray with and for you.

39. Ask God to help you humble yourself before Him, seeking His guidance.

40. Be diligent, consistent, and determined.

41. Resist the attacks from the adversary.

42. Refuse to quit.

43. Refuse to allow others to discourage you.

44. Forget what the world says about your situation.

45. Focus on what God says about your situation--you are more than a conqueror.

46. Help others in their job search with ideas and suggestions--lose yourself in giving to others.

47. Let God keep score on your efforts--He will reward you abundantly.

48. Be honest with yourself about whether or not you really want a job.

49. Be ready to grow when obstacles come your way.

50. Trust God to help you grow up in Him--in understanding, in wisdom, and in patience.

God Bless your job search!Sincerely,
Paulette Weir
CFEC Marketing Director
Christian HELP Foundation, Inc.
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Countdown to a New Job: 10 Ways to Jump Start Your Job Search - a complimentary webinar presented on Tuesday, July 22– hosted by ManpowerGroup

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Thinking about starting a job search? Need a little nudge to get going? We’re here to help. Today’s job search may be a bit more complicated than you think. There’s a lot more to it than just searching the internet for jobs and pressing a button to apply; at least there is if you want a better chance for success. So how do you get started? We will share our top 10 ideas on how to jump start your search.
In this webinar, we will outline both new and old methods for your job search. From things like traditional networking to social networking, resumes to online profiles and in-person interviews to video sessions; we’ve got you covered. A successful job search can require a lot of dedication and motivation. We will share our tips on how to make things just a little easier.

By participating in this webinar, you’ll learn:
•The importance of networking and useful tips
•About today’s interview process
•Ways to tune up your resume
•How to incorporate social media into your job search
•Why your personal brand matters

To register, visit:

BrightTALK is building professional communities around current and relevant industry and business thought leadership content. Every day thousands of thought leaders are actively sharing their insights, their ideas and their most up-to-date...

Above information was provided by CFEC Board Member and guest blogger:

World of Work Professional
Manpower Florida

Preparing Your Résumé for Job Fairs

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(repost for upcoming job fair) By #1 Best-Selling Author and Recruiter Scott Vedder

It’s always best to customize your résumé and explain exactly how your experience has prepared you for the specific qualifications listed in a job posting.  That’s a key point I teach in my best-selling book, Signs of a Great Résumé.  But what should you do when you’re attending a job fair where you’ll meet with lots of different employers?  In a job fair setting, employers will know it’s nearly impossible for you to customize a cover letter and résumé for every single company in attendance.   To quantify what makes you a great candidate for several prospective employers, you should showcase examples of your accomplishments and skills related to the most common requirements in your field.

Before you write your job fair résumé, search for online job postings roles related to the career you’re pursuing.  Take a look at the qualifications that different companies require.  You’ll likely find some common trends and frequently used terms which appear in job postings at several different companies.  With this bit of research, you’ll be able to write a résumé that speaks for itself and a cover letter which addresses your qualifications to fulfill the most common needs of your desired career field.

Next, before going to the job fair, try to determine which companies will be represented.  Take a look at the jobs these companies already have posted on their web sites.  If there’s a specific opening for which you’d like to apply, customize a separate résumé and cover letter for that posting and bring it with you along with your job fair résumé.  If there’s not one particular opening that appeals to you, consider how that company generally evaluates prospective candidates.  What key words do they use in their job postings?  What types of skills and leadership attributes do they value?  What can you learn about their corporate culture and business priorities from their web site?  Then customize a résumé for that company with those ideas in mind.

Consider making a list of the companies you know you want to approach at the job fair and write a customized cover letter for those prospective employers.   Your cover letter should explain why you want to work for that specific company and can also indicate the general field for which you’re interested in applying.  When you submit a customized cover letter with your job fair résumé, you’ll stand out from your competition.  Remember, most other applicants, if they submit a cover letter at all, will be handing over form letters written “To Whom it May Concern,” and not to a specific employer.

In your job fair résumé and cover letters, be sure you use specific examples to quantify what makes you a great candidate in your field.  Whether you’re attending a job fair or you’re applying for a single position, your résumé should always be full of !@$%, the Signs of a Great Résumé. 

! - Any part of your experience that was "amazing!"

@ - Defining points, places, dates and things in your experience

# - Numbers that quantify and prove your past successes

$ - The dollar value of your contributions

% - Figures that easily show growth and results

When you write a résumé that’s full of !@$%, your résumé will speak for itself and you’ll be on your way to a successful job fair!

Scott Vedder is a Fortune 100 recruiter and the author of the #1 best-selling résumé book, Signs of a Great Résumé.  Scott has taught thousands of students and job seekers in résumé workshops at high schools, colleges, universities and non-profit organizations across the country.  Scott’s book has been endorsed as “Recommended Reading” by groups including the Central Florida Employment Council and the Central Florida Jobs Initiative. Scott has been recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management and has been featured as a career expert in nationally-syndicated newspaper columns, on international blogs and in dozens of live interviews on radio programs and television news.  For free résumé and interview tips, visit

Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill in the U.S.: Today's Talent Shortage Impacts Everyone

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Whether you’re a hiring manager, employer, looking for your next opportunity or currently employed, the talent shortage affects everyone in the U.S. workforce.

Results of ManpowerGroup’s ninth annual Talent Shortage Survey look at the extent to which employers are having difficulty finding the right talent, which jobs are the most difficult to fill, and subsequently, where you’ll find the most opportunity if you’re looking for a new job.

ManpowerGroup's Talent Shortage Survey identified the 2014 top 10 most difficult jobs for employers to fill.
1.            Skilled Trade Workers
2.            Restaurant and Hotel Staff
3.            Sales Representatives
4.            Teachers
5.            Drivers
6.            Accounting and Finance Staff
7.            Laborers
8.            IT Staff
9.            Engineers
10.          Nurses

This report was recommended by CFEC Board Member:

Lisa Hancock, Manpower

Find an office near you or search jobs with


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If you are unemployed and looking for a pathway to the future, HBI’s trades skill training is for you....

HBI is a national leader for career training in the building trades. HBI graduates earn a certificate that proves to employers that they have skills they need to be successful on the job.

HBI Offers:

             Training in OSHA 10 safety, construction tools and materials, green building, and industry basics.

             Links to possible internships with employers in the building industry.

             Building trades training from journey-level instructors

             Career counseling and assistance with job placement

Classes are available in Orange, Osceola, Lake and Seminole counties.

For more information about classes in your area contact Robert Harman at 407-607-9174 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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