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Successful Career Change Secrets

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CNN Money has an excellent article about people who have made successful career changes during this down economy. Check it out at:

5 secrets of successful career changers

(Money Magazine) -- Tolstoy wrote that unhappy people are each unhappy in their own way. The same can be said of American workers today.

In a bleak survey out earlier this year, the Conference Board reported that job satisfaction was at its lowest level in more than two decades. And the sources of employees' unhappiness ranged across a broad spectrum of misery, from job insecurity to meager pay.

Maybe you feel it too: the weariness that comes from doing more with less, the nagging feeling you could get a pink slip at any time, or the futility of being unemployed and unable to find work in your field.

All this unhappiness has a lot of people rethinking their paths. Nearly 50% of job seekers recently surveyed by employment site said they wanted to make a career change; 89% said they'd consider it to find work.

To figure out what such a switch takes, Money interviewed dozens of people who successfully moved to more stable, satisfying careers in the midst of the worst (though slightly improving) employment market in nearly 30 years. We've zeroed in on five whose smart strategies could help you too.

Secret 1: Show how your talents translate

Secret 2: network outside the box

Secret 3: get the skills you need on the cheap

Secret 4: get your finances in order

Secret 5: turn your passion into an asset

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