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Given up Looking for Work?

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confident-womanAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average job search lasts almost 40 weeks. And the longer you are looking, the longer it's taking to find that job. As time passes, it seems the jobs are either not there at all, they are the same jobs posted as last week, or last month. Human resources and recruiters are so swamped with applicants that not even a rejection email comes your way.  Human nature says that not knowing IS worse than knowing. So knowing you are not going to find a job by stopping the search is at least some control over an unpredictable, scary and depressing situation. It is understandable that some people simply give up the search.

If you feel like quitting the job search, take that as a sign. A Wrong Way sign. According the famous philosopher hockey player Wayne Gretzky, "You miss 100% of the shots you never take".  This is the time to re-energize yourself and your search. Chances are you have the same resume and have settled into a job search routine. Changing that is a great first step in a new direction. Switch up your resume. Switch up your schedule. Join a new group, maybe something completely unrelated to your profession and meet new people.  All it takes is one posting, or meeting one person, that leads to something new. Chances are the job will come when and where you least expect it.

But it won't come when you are watching in the stands instead on the rink- taking those shots.

Jean Martin
Human Resources Consultant
CFEC Board Member

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