The Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC) was organized to assist Central Florida Businesses in economically and expeditiously filling job vacancies through the effective placement of qualified candidates within the community. CFEC Programs include Monthly Meetings for Employers, Job Fairs and access to the Database for Job Seekers and Employers. To join our mailing list as an employer email us at .

We do this in at least four ways:

+ 6 annual Central Florida Job Fairs

+ Central Florida’s Online Job Board & Employment Resource Website

+ Job Search Training and Employment & Resource Center

+ Monthly Employer Meetings to exchange information and network

Benefits of Membership:

+ Our Walk-in Center guarantees businesses that we can intercede quickly to assist your Human Resource recruiters in matching the best jobseeker to your company’s job posting

+ With a record of over 138 job fairs held in the community in the past 23 years, recruiters can rest assured that CFEC can draw qualified job seekers for your positions

+ Our Central Florida Online Job Board & Resource,, with its huge local database, insures immediate response to your job posting

+ Our website has been on the internet for over 11 years and is currently receiving over 3 million hits a month which creates a gateway to Central Florida Job Seekers and Employers; as well as a resourceful tool to both

+ CFEC monthly meetings offer our partnering businesses the opportunity to network and enjoy presentations that entertain and inform

+ When your company partners with CFEC, you benefit by getting qualified applicants faster thus freeing up valuable time…your company benefits by saving money with our low prices and discount packages. The Central Florida community benefits because through your fees we have offered over $30+ million of services to Central Florida’s unemployed…JOBS, EMERGENCY SERVICES, FOOD, AND TRAINING

For more information, contact the CFEC office at (407) 834-4223 or and ask for Paulette Weir