“A huge thank you for the great outcome of your Job Fair. My compliments It was my first time to attend this type of event and a very positive experience for me where I certainly learned a lot. Again a huge "thank you" for everything.” Clifford – Job Seeker

When we asked our partnering employers that attended our Job Fairs, "So what did you think about the job fair", some responses were:

job"I decided to accept a position w/ xxx. I had subscribed to xxx.com for close to 4 yrs to no avail, because I could not afford the $175 to "upgrade" to "Platinum" status. I also subscribed to xxx.com a few months ago, but several applications I submitted online to various employers had been turned down. These methods cannot compare with getting face to face with potential employers in order to affectingly continue to the next step of the hiring process; an interview...during which, I was offered a position on the spot. Thank you CFEC for faithfully sponsoring these job fairs. I will certainly tell others that this is the best way to go."


cookies_gngrsn"Wow, It was slammed. We didn't stop for 4 hours. We were grateful to have water and cookies passed out in the midst of it. Next time I'll have to bring about 4 more people to assist, maybe some on the hiring committee from local stores . Also, when we have a new store opening, it'd be ideal to attend one for some major recruiting. We were able to instruct the candidates on how to apply at the stores by using xxxx. We received quite a few resumes, some we can look at for mgmt, and some we'll send to the stores to look at when they apply online for positions at store level, so we're pleased with our results."


"It was a great fair! We passed out over 700 applications and took in 100 resumes which we're reviewing now."


"The job fair was a huge success for us. Thank you so much for all your help. We would like to sign up for the next one, absolutely."


"Awesome as usual! Looks like at we will hire at least 4 thanks!"


"Already had 2 people come by my office this morning and have 2 more scheduled for Monday. I think perhaps 10 in total will be up and running before much longer, which is really great. Thanks."


"I think the job fair was quite busy yesterday, but was very organized. Thanks for a great event. With all of the different groups represented yesterday, we would hope to recruit and hire approximately 30 people."


"We had an amazing time, I'm so impressed. I can easily say we had about 80 applicants. We are currently reviewing all the application for qualification, but I will keep you posted on a final number of potentials and final hires"


"We collected 88 sales resumes for our open positions and a number of those candidates attended our on site job fair today. Thanks again!"


"We set up a total of 29 interviews at our office for Monday!" 


"I wanted to follow up with you to let you that we have selected 29 candidates to move into our next stage of selection. I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the job fair. We look forward to working with you in the future"


interview-success-man1"Thank you for your support during the CFEC job fair - we appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into the job fair. I am confident in sharing that the event was a success for xxxx xxxx. Xxxxx Xxxxx had to be the most popular booth at the event; our line was reported by candidates of being around 45 minutes. Many candidates were scheduled on the spot to come in for interviews. I anticipate approximately 8 new hires from the event. P.S. The cookies your team shares during/after the event are simply divine!"