Sandi Vidal

As I sat at a meeting with over 40 recruiters and listened around the room as they shared their pet peeves about the application and interview process with job seekers, two things occurred to me; one, in 2005 these same recruiters would have probably had lower standards because employees were harder to find and two, you never want a recruiter to be sitting in an interview thinking "is this real life?"

Story after story was shared about how parents came to interviews, followed up on interviews and sometimes even did the phone interviews for their children.  Handshakes and body language were high on the pet peeve list, as was not reading the website or being prepared.

It seems like many of the steps to getting a job should be common sense. If a job is open, you send a resume, chat about your history and start on Monday. That might have been true in 2005 when jobs were abundant, credit was given to just about anyone and requirements were waived if the person seemed to have at least the basics. In 2008, everything more

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