Looking to ace the next interview you go to?  Try applying some of the tips shared by Skip Freeman in his article “A Headhunter’s 8 Rules for Acing the Job Interview.”  In the article there are eight rules, but Rule#3 stands out for me, “Avoid casting a shadow on the wall,” which means do not say anything negative in the interview.  The article gives examples of what this might sound like in an interview.  Believe it or not, it happens often and certainly does not make a good impression to the hiring manager.  For further details and the full article, visit: http://www.hcareers.com/us/resourcecenter/tabid/306/articleid/1154/default.aspx?type=email&source=hosp-js-ca-070512

Contributed by:
Lisette Guillen-Dolby,
Assistant Director Career Services 
Seminole State College of Florida