Apply Online TipsOne of the biggest complaints we are hearing at CFEC and Christian HELP is about having to apply online and hearing nothing back from the employers. We wanted to offer some tips for online applications.

+ Set aside several hours to do online applications. They must be filled out completely.

+ Have your resume handy so you can copy and paste into online applications. This will save time and should prevent spelling errors.

+ Be consistent with online assessments.  Do not rush through the questions because they are used as ‘prequalifiers” to check your fit for the job.  There is a great deal of expense in doing references, background checks and drug screens so companies try to get as much information about your behavioral patterns as possible up front.

+ Use keywords. This one we cannot stress enough. If you are applying for a job that requires a specific skill and you have that skill- LIST IT. This will dramatically increase your chances of coming up in a search. For example list all of the computer programs you use instead of just saying Microsoft Office.

+ If you are interested in a company, go directly to their website.  It does not cost them extra to list on their site, but it does for them to list on other sites.  You may find jobs that are not widely advertised and increase your chances.

The recruiters we have spoken to recently are overwhelmed with resumes and calls.  It is much more challenging to find a job, but persistence does pay off.