Dr. Barbara Seifert, CPC

Most job seekers use some type of job board as their major strategy to look for work. Common sites such as Monster, Career Builder, and Indeed are the most recognized and popular job boards but they may not yield the responses one wants. A blog site called CAREEREALISM posted an article on how to increase one's profile on job boards, which includes watching for typos and the format of your resume so it will align properly and stand out.

But there are three tips that may not be given much consideration or attention, but they can help your resume to get noticed and stand out:

1. Your Resume Title – make it specific so it will get looked at; include action words that may be different and stand apart from the more traditional titles

2. Use Searchable Buzzwords and Keyword Terms – these can help you get noticed as recruiters search these boards by terms and keywords; add credentials, certifications, or other identifiers for your industry or job category

3. Update Your Resume Weekly – this will keep your resume at the top of the boards and make it easier for recruiters to find you

If you are not sure how to conduct a job search, there are a plethora of resources out in cyberspace so take advantage of them. Most provide resources, tips, or articles that are written by career experts who all have a common goal of helping people to either find a job or to have a happier work life. Following the advice of these career experts will help to make your job search more effective and lead you closer to getting hired.

Dr. Barbara Seifert, LCSW, CPC, NLP is the President of Committed to Your Success Coaching & Consulting in Orlando, Florida. She helps individuals to take charge of their careers, find the work they love and enhance their professional development to reach their peak performance. She also coaches in organizations to enhance employee engagement and leadership development. Dr. Seifert is an adjunct professor, a certified coach and certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You can learn more by visiting www.cyscoaching.com and Your Career Success Blog at www.allaboutcareerssite.wordpress.com