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Performs complex safety program development, implementation, inspection, coordination, investigation, and evaluation of tasks in the areas of bus operations, industrial, occupational, and environmental safety. Conducts employee safety training; accident investigations; emergency planning; and safety audits, surveys and inspections to identify operating and safety program discrepancies, and to identify safety hazards. The Safety Officer will be expected to perform essential functions in all areas (Operational Safety, Industrial Safety, Environmental Safety, and Occupational Health and Safety).

Essential Functions for all Assigned Areas:
    Ensures compliance with LYNX safety programs and regulatory governmental agencies including but not limited to: U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), National Transit Database (NTD), Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and Florida Highway Patrol (FHP).
    Performs incident and accident investigations involving the public and employees which involve LYNX personnel and/or property, determines the cause and provides solutions and reports as required to regulatory agencies.
    Investigates complaints or incidents related to employee and environmental health, environmental concerns and safety of employees, the public, agency vehicles and/or property. Documents events and recommends controls for mitigation.
    Implements and monitors occupational health and safety program activities including facility inspections, accident investigations and emergency planning operations; monitors program compliance with mandated laws, rules, and regulations.
    Ensures compliance with federal, state, regional, and local environmental laws and regulations.
    Analyzes trend data to identify root causes to mitigate accidents and reduce costs.
    Conducts safety training programs related to bus operations, environmental, industrial, and occupational health.
    Researches and tracks safety regulations to develop departmental safety policies and procedures and ensures their implementation.
    Reviews and revises safety manuals and procedures; and creates and disseminates required reports.
    Generates safety communications and conducts periodic safety campaigns.
    Remains up to date and informed by regularly reviewing information related to operational, industrial, environmental, and occupational health and safety disciplines, particularly subjects related to the transit industry, by regular review of safety publications; membership in appropriate professional safety organizations; and attendance at appropriate safety and health seminars. Develops a communication network with safety and health professionals at other transportation agencies.
    Participates in committees and attends meetings related to employee and environmental health and the safety of employees, the public, agency vehicles and/or property. Contributes expertise to issue resolution.
    Acts as in-house consultant on safety, health, and environmental issues; assists other departments by providing research and information as required.
    Provides Emergency Support Function (ESF-1) assistance to Seminole, Osceola, and Orange Counties’ Offices of Emergency Management.
    Performs other duties as may be required or assigned, and provides support to all assigned areas in Safety.

Additional Essential Functions by Assigned Area:

 Operational Safety:
·       Reviews video footage of events occurring on LYNX buses; makes accident prevention determination consistent with contractual provisions.

·       Conducts accident and injury investigations for the root cause. Determines preventability related cause and agency loss. Provides recommendations for corrective actions. Audits implemented mitigation measures.

·       Analyzes equipment condition and vehicle response, evaluates human factors and fatigue
related issues and its relevance to crash avoidance.

·    Provides on-call coverage for all LYNX operations and activities upon emergency notification of accident and injury. Immediately investigates those incidents based on the severity and significance of the received incident report. Assures that all regulatory notifications are met in a timely manner.

·       Monitors safety and security issues with contracted security services and police authorities.

Industrial Safety:

·     Collects and analyzes monthly data on the frequency and severity of work-related injuries. Analyzes incident data to determine accident causation, and prepares in-depth reports with recommendations for future mitigation.

·    Conducts on-site safety audits of work methods to identify unsafe procedures; checks equipment and facilities for hazardous conditions, and recommends corrective measures.

·    Trains employees in safety-related work practices, procedures, and techniques; ensures adherence to safe work practices and procedures.

·    Provides technical safety information and compliance requirements to management staff and employees.

·    Maintains awareness of new developments in the field of industrial safety; incorporates new developments as appropriate into programs.

Environmental Safety:
    Conducts worksite evaluations. Inspects and verifies agency compliance with applicable standards, codes and regulations. Recommends and documents corrective actions implemented to mitigate situations of non-compliance.
    Provides guidance regarding any environmental safety improvement efforts through design recommendations, process improvement recommendations, and education.
    Oversees environmental site inspections, assisting inspectors and surveyors in the performance of their duties; provides report as required in follow-up to surveys, inspections and audits.
    Maintains various permits and works with appropriate agencies to ensure compliance with environmental safety regulations.

Occupational Health and Safety:
    Provides support with safety audits, inspections, and testing in the areas of fire/life safety, safety certifications, and transit operations on LYNX facilities, operating divisions, work practices, equipment, and safety devices.
    Coordinates and manages random drug testing in compliance with the LYNX Substance Abuse Program Policy; maintains program records; handles program audits; and ensures regulatory compliance and reporting requirements.
    Conducts safety audits and inspections in accordance with OSHA standards. Identifies corrective actions and recommends cost-effective enhancements to existing work practices and safety programs.
    Conducts facility surveys to determine work duties that require personal protective equipment. Verifies PPE is properly utilized.
    Informs LYNX managers, supervisors, and employees regarding changes in federal and state health and safety laws and codes, including Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) regulations. Describes and clarifies the intent, as well as the legal and liability implication of non-compliance.

Required Qualifications:

    Bachelor’s degree from a regionally or nationally accredited institution in occupational safety, safety engineering, industrial engineering, public safety, or a related field.
    Minimum of four recent years of progressively responsible experience developing, implementing, and administering workplace safety and accident mitigation programs in transportation operations or related industry; or an equivalent combination of related experience, training, and education.

Desired Qualifications:

·    Professional safety certifications.

    Comprehensive safety or loss control experience in public transportation.

    Experience in Emergency Management.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs):

    Knowledge of basic industry fleet and occupational safety, health, and environmental compliance practices, programs and implementation.
    Knowledge of procedures and techniques for accident investigations.
    Knowledge of the methods, techniques, and practices used in the management of environmental health and safety issues and programs including detection, analysis, and elimination of environmental health and safety hazards.
    Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and regulations applicable to environmental health and safety compliance and management.
    Knowledge of training techniques, training program development, and the development of procedures and manuals.
    Knowledge of regulatory agency report and record keeping requirements.
    Knowledge of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and building code regulations.
    Knowledge of OSHA regulations and other federal and state safety laws.
    Excellent MS Office Skills (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
    Ability to learn and apply LYNX rules and regulations including applicable provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreements.
    Ability to collect and analyze data relating to accidents and injuries; make practical recommendations for future prevention; and prepare comprehensive and technically accurate reports.
     Ability to work independently and exercise good judgment.
    Ability to develop correspondence; safety instructions; conduct safety training; and serve as an expert witness in cases involving areas of safety.
    Ability to exhibit a professional, courteous demeanor.
    Ability to work in a diverse environment.
    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with those encountered in the course of work using principles of excellent customer service.

Work Environment and Special Considerations:

·       On call 24 hours/7 days a week.

·       Must be willing to travel locally to any LYNX facility, and any location within the
LYNX service area.

·       Must work outside regular business hours depending upon the demands of the job,and
in usual or emergency situations.

·       May be required to work nights, weekends and holidays.

·       Must possess and maintain a valid Florida driver’s license and safe driving record.

·       LYNX provides the community with much needed public transportation, and it is
important for the Agency to resume its services as quickly and as safely as
possible in the event of any natural, technological, or human-caused emergency
or disaster. This position is considered a mission critical member of LYNX’s
emergency preparation and response efforts during an emergency or disaster and
as such, requires 24-hour availability in the event of an emergency or disaster.

LYNX fully commits itself to providing equal opportunity to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, or disability.

For further description and to apply, qualified candidates may proceed to apply directly with LYNX by visiting http://www.golynx.com/careers/how-apply.stml , mention cfec.org job posting.

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For further description and to apply, qualified candidates may proceed to apply directly with LYNX by visiting http://www.golynx.com/careers/how-apply.stml , mention cfec.org job posting.

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LYNX - Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority
Req #15
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Performs complex safety program development, implementation, inspection, coordination, investigation, and evaluation of tasks in the areas of bus operations, industrial, occupational, and environmental safety.
LYNX - Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority