To provide routine daily clinical care and services that support the care delivered to Guests requiring long-term care, in accordance with the established clinical care procedures and as directed by your supervisor.


• Provides care as directed by the professional nurse to Guest requiring long-term, rehabilitative care.

• Reports observations and other pertinent information related to the care of the Guests.

• Documents objective information related to Guest care.

• Provides services that support the care delivered to the Guests.

• Provides input in the formulation and evaluation of standards of care.

• Participates in the development of unit objectives.

• Participates in the identification of team member educational needs.

• Conducts self in a professional manner in compliance with unit and center policies.

• Participates in the quality assessment and improvement process, and activities.

• Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.

• Guests are identified using the identification band prior to providing care, assisting with meals, etc., as necessary.

• Guest is approached in a kind, gentle and friendly manner. Respect for the guest’s dignity and privacy is consistently provided. Confidentiality of all Guest information is maintained.

• All grievances and complaints made by the Guest are reported to the Charge/Staff Nurse.

• Assistance is provided with admissions/transfers/discharges. a. Room is stripped after Guest transferred/discharged. b. Guest are moved to accommodate unit needs. • Specimens are transported to the appropriate areas.

• Guest rooms are restocked. a. Rooms are neat and orderly. b. Excess supplies and linen are removed.

• Care plans are reviewed daily to determine if changes in the Guest daily care routine has been made.

• Assistance with Guest care is provided as directed.

a. Baths are given as assigned

b. Linens are changed.

c. Guest are properly positioned.

d. AM and PM care is given.

e. Vital signs are taken.

Assistance with:

a. Positioning and alignment

e. Range of Motion b. Skin integrity

f. Activities of Daily Living

c. Bowel and bladder

g. Dining d. Ambulation

h. Emotional • Hallways are cleared of equipment or on one side.

• The unit is maintained in an orderly fashion.

• Meal trays are distributed and picked up.

• Guest are assisted with set up/opening food trays/packages at meal times.

• Bed pans, urinals and emesis basins are distributed and removed as requested.

• Assistance with treatments is provided as directed.

• Guest call lights are promptly answered. Appropriate responses to requests are provided.

• Procedures are performed according to established method in the procedure manual.

• Body substance precautions and other appropriate infection control practices are utilized with all activities.

• Safety guidelines established by the center (proper restraint and side-rail use) are followed.

• All accidents or incidents observed are reported on the shift that they occur.

• All entries on charts, notes, flow sheets, etc., are recorded in an informative and descriptive manner.

• Vital signs are recorded accurately on the appropriate form.

• Intake and output are accurately recorded on the appropriate form.

• Guest weights are recorded on the appropriate form.

• Clinical care flow sheet (if applicable) is maintained.

• Only company approved abbreviations are used when recording information.

• All changes in a Guests condition are reported as soon as possible to the Charge/Staff Nurse.

• Team Member meetings are attended, if on duty. Minutes are read and initiated if not on duty.

• Guest/unit problems are reported to the Charge Nurse.


• All equipment is operated in a safe manner and the only equipment utilized that which previous training of use has occurred.

• Defective equipment is reported to the Charge/Staff Nurse.

• Vacant rooms are neat in appearance.

• The nurse’s station is maintained.

a. Supplies are maintained at par levels and are arranged in an organized manner.

b. Nurse’s station is neat and orderly.

c. Full waste containers are emptied.

• Equipment is accounted for on rounds.

a. Ice containers.

b. Geri-chairs.

c. Overbed tables.

d. IV poles (if applicable)

e. Stretcher lift (is applicable)

• Cleaning and maintenance occurs according to schedule.

a. IV or tube feeding pump poles, tube feeding infusion pumps, and suction machines are wiped down weekly.

b. Utility room is checked routinely for supplies that need to be returned to the appropriate department, meal trays requiring return to dietary, and linen that requires removal to the laundry.

c. Safety hazards are removed from unit floors (liquid spills, food, paper, equipment cords, etc.)

d. Nourishment refrigerator is cleaned and defrosted once a month.

• The Guest environment is safe and clean.

• Individual Guest supplies are re-stocked as indicated.

• Decisions are made that reflect both knowledge and good judgment.

• Awareness of own limitation is evident, and assistance is sought when necessary.

• Dress code is adhered to.

• Committee meetings (if assigned) are attended. Reports related to the committee are given during Team Member meetings.

• Responsibility is taken for own professional growth. Attend and participate in all scheduled training, educational and orientation classes, programs and activities including annual mandatory classes.

• Follow work schedules and complete assigned tasks according to the established policies and procedures of the center.

• Notify the center if you are going to be late or absent from work.

• Organizational ability and time management is demonstrated.

• Confidentiality of Guest is always respected (i.e., when answering telephone and/or speaking to Team Members).

• Cooperate with inter-departmental team members to ensure that the needs of the Guest are met and maintained.

• A positive working relationship with Guest, visitors and center team members is demonstrated.

• Authority is acknowledged and response to the direction of supervisors is appropriate.

• Time is spent with Guests rather than other team members.

• Team members are readily assisted as needed.

EXPOSURE RISK The Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is at high risk for exposure to blood and body fluids.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED Receives administrative supervision from the Director of Clinical Services, the Assistant Director of Clinical Services or the Clinical Supervisor. May receive functional supervision from registered or practical nurses working on the unit.



• Completion of eight (8) hour Personal Care Attendant Preservice Course with Competency Check off Required.


• High School or GED Diploma Preferred

• Completion of eight (8) hour Personal Care Attendant Preservice Course with Competency Check off Required.

• Two weeks On The Floor Training


• Must be able to read, write and speak the English language.

• Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when necessary.

• Must be able to relate information concerning a Guest’s condition.

• Is involved with Guests, Team Member, visitors, government agencies/team members, etc., under all conditions and circumstances.

• Communicates with the medical team members, clinical team members, and other department supervisors.

• Works beyond normal working hours, and in other positions temporarily, when necessary.

• Maintains a liaison with the Guest’s, their families, support departments, etc., to adequately plan for the Guest’s needs.

• May be required to be ON-CALL for emergency conditions/situations.

• Must be willing to work effectively with professional and non-professional team members,

• Works in the clinical service areas, Guests rooms, nurse’s station, etc.

• Attends and participate in continuing educational programs.

• Communicates with other clinical and department team member.

• Must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age.


• Must be able to move intermittently throughout the work day.

• Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.

• Must be able to see and hear or use prosthetics that will enable the senses to function adequately to ensure the requirements of this position can be fully met (ex; accurately read measurements on Guest related equipment such as thermometers, monitors, gauges).

• Must be able to function independently, have personal integrity, flexibility, and the ability to work effectively with Guest, Team Members and support agencies.

• Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability.

• Must be able to relate and work with the disabled, ill, elderly, emotionally upset, and at times, hostile people within the center.

• Must be able to lift, push, pull, and move a minimum of 50 pounds.

• Must be able to assist with the evacuation of Guest’s.

• Sits, stands, bends, lifts, reaches, walks, and moves intermittently during the working hours.

• Is subject to frequent interruptions.

• Is subject to a quiet to moderate noise level due to phones, mechanical alarms and occasional construction work.

• Is subject to hostile and emotionally upset Guest’s, family members, Team Members, and visitors.

• Is subject to hazards in the work area including, bums from equipment, odors, exposure to sharp instruments, falls, chemical cleansers etc., throughout the working hours.

• Is subject to exposure to infectious waste, diseases or conditions.

• May be required to wear a face mask, gown, or gloves

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To provide routine daily clinical care and services that support the care delivered to Guests requiring long-term care, in accordance with the established clinical care procedures and as directed by your supervisor.
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