Under direct supervision, the purpose of the position is to perform food preparation, service and clean up tasks for an assigned school of the district. Employees in this classification function in an entry level capacity and are generally assigned to a specific functional area. Such functional areas include, but are not necessarily limited to, snack bar, salad bar, cashiering, vegetable and fruit preparation, baking, cooking, set up, and cleaning. Incumbents learn additional skills through length of service in the position, and assume additional duties within scope of abilities. Daily duties are accomplished through the collaborative work effort of all lunchroom staff. Work objective is to provide staff and students with nutritionally balanced and environmentally safe meals in accordance with established serving schedules and regulatory standards governing the food service industry. Performs related work as directed.


Performs food preparation, service and clean up duties in one (1) or more functional areas, i.e., snack bar, salad bar, cashiering, food preparation, baking, cooking, set up, clean up.
Performs set up activities, i.e., assembling trays and carts, preparing condiments, assembling service lines, stocking utensils and napkins, reviewing menus, retrieving stock.
Performs food preparation activities, i.e., assembling recipe/menu items, washing and cutting fruits and vegetables, slicing breads and meats, opening canned goods, mixing ingredients.
Performs cooking activities, i.e., baking breads and desserts, steaming vegetables, baking meats and main dishes.
Performs serving activities, i.e., filling serving trays, measuring and monitoring quantities to ensure sufficient amounts, maintaining temperatures.
Performs accounting and recording activities, i.e., accepting payments, making change, recording charges, inventorying supplies, checking daily receipts, totaling numbers served.
Performs clean up activities, i.e., washing and cleaning equipment, sweeping and mopping floors, wiping down surface and service areas, recycling cans and cardboard, clean trays and food pans.
Performs closing activities, i.e., returning food to stock, refrigerating or freezing foods, properly storing leftovers, putting away equipment and food pans, dismantling carts and salad bars.
Operates various manual and electrically powered industrial food preparation equipment, i.e., steam kettles, stack and convection ovens, food slicers and choppers, mixers and grinders.
Adheres to district policies and procedures and all applicable regulatory standards governing food handling and service in educational institutions.
Works collaboratively with other lunchroom staff to ensure daily food service responsibilities are adhere to established schedules.
Responsible for keeping up to date on current technology, as job appropriate, being used by OCPS.

With the support of the district, attends training to ensure skill level in various technologies is at the level required to perform in current position.
Responsible for timely and accurate information they maintain as part of their job responsibilities.The list of essential functions, as outlined herein, is intended to be representative of the tasks performed within this classification. It is not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class.
The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning duties not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.


While the following tasks are necessary for the work of the unit, they are not an essential part of the purpose of this position and may also be performed by other unit members.
Performs related duties as directed.


High school diploma or GED preferred; supplemented by any previous experience demonstrating ability to safely prepare and serve food items, and ability to fulfill the physical requirements of the work; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.

Effective July 1, 2007, all new hires to this position must successfully complete the Industrial Physical Capability Screening (IPCS); previous incumbents holding this position without a break in service are not required to have this screening.


Data Utilization: Requires the ability to arrange, compare, count, differentiate, measure and/or sort data and/or information. Includes judging whether readily observable functional, structural or compositional characteristics are similar to or divergent from prescribed standards, procedures or routines.
Human Interaction: Requires the ability to exchange information for the purpose of obtaining information or clarifying details. Performs such within well established policies, procedures and standards.

Equipment, Machinery, Tools, and Materials Utilization: Requires the ability to operate, maneuver and/or control the actions of manual and electrically powered food preparation equipment, and hand-held
supplies and cooking tools.

Verbal Aptitude: Requires the ability to utilize a wide variety of reference and descriptive data and information.
Mathematical Aptitude: Requires the ability to perform addition and subtraction.
Functional Reasoning: Requires ability to carry out detailed but uninvolved written or oral instructions.
Involves routine work according to clearly prescribed standard practices, with some latitude for independent judgment.
Situational Reasoning: Requires the ability to exercise the judgment, decisiveness and creativity in situations involving a variety of generally pre-defined duties which are often characterized by frequent change.


Physical Ability: Tasks involve the regular and, at times, sustained performance of moderately physically demanding work, typically involving some combination of climbing and balancing, stooping, kneeling,
crouching, and crawling, and that may involve the lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling of moderately heavy objects and materials (20-50 pounds).
Sensory Requirements: Some tasks require the ability to perceive and discriminate odors.

Some tasks require the ability to perceive and discriminate tastes. Some tasks require oral communications ability.
Most tasks require visual perception and discrimination.
Environmental Factors: Tasks are regularly performed with potential exposure to adverse environmental conditions, such as strong odors, wetness, humidity, machinery, temperature and noise extremes, and toxic/poisonous agents.

The Orange County School District will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities to allow them to perform the essential functions of the job when such individuals request an accommodation.

To apply: OCPS Dining Services $15/HOUR: Sand Lake Road Office, Leymar Matos, , 407-857-6161 x 2

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To apply: OCPS Dining Services $15/HOUR: Sand Lake Road Office, Leymar Matos, , 407-857-6161 x 2

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the purpose of the position is to perform food preparation, service and clean up tasks for an assigned school of the district. Employees in this classification function in an entry level capacity. Orlando, FL.