Fresh Start Ministries of Central Florida was founded in 1986 by Joe and Kelly Cordovano. Fresh Start is a 68-bed res­idential, faith-based, working program, for adult males suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. The program is set up to best ensure the success of our clients long after their graduation by covering an array of topics, habits, and behaviors.

Fresh Start Ministries is currently hiring for Staff Counselor for our *

Adult Male* progams. Since our programs are for adult males, then this position needs to be filled with an adult male.  This is a salaried position that entails overseeing many aspect of the Fresh Start program, both the clients and certain administrative duties.  The counselor must have a calling by God and a heart for helping the hurting and addicted. The Staff counselor is a direct subordinate the Executive Director.

·         Should exhibit professional & mature demeanor at all times.

·         Interacts regularly with the clients and is recognized as a program authority.

·         Works well with the family members of clients, employers and other outside inquiries.

·         Will assist the Executive Director in conducting intake interviews of potential clients.

·         Will help to oversee the volunteers and interns

·         He should view himself as a spiritual leader of the program and works to promote a spiritual presence at the program level.

·         Maintain STRICT client confidentiality.

·         Will assist in teaching responsibilities which will be scheduled by the Exec Director. All teachings will be FSM curriculum or pre-approved FSM materials.

·         If so scheduled, will assist in collecting weekly program fees on Friday evenings.

·         Must have at least 2 yrs of sobriety and live a life above reproach as a leader as outlined in God’s word.

·         Will help assist clients in the distribution of client medications.

·         Will ensure the enforcement of all rules and regulations both written and unwritten. As much as possible, he should get the Exec. Dir. Prior approval for all disciplinary actions not covered in the FSM Policy & Procedure manual, or that may result in a client discharge.

·         Should ensure property/facility is properly locked and opened at appropriate times when on duty.

·         Will assess all emergency situations and manage accordingly and notify the Exec. Dir.

·         Must have the ability to do food and donation pickups or other errands.

Some additional responsibilities:

Homework assignment, distribution & collection & ensure this info is in client file

DMI & Journal checking for completeness and making necessary comments

Completeness check for note taking in classes, church and group.

Overseeing of daily chores

Assist with the supervision of various work projects

Daily and weekly dorm room checks

Submit your resume and cover letter to with the job title listed in the subject line – mention job posting.


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Submit your resume and cover letter to with the job title listed in the subject line – mention job posting.

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