Most medical assistants receive on-the-job training from physicians, ARNP, PA, RN or other type of medical providers. However, Medical Assistants must have knowledge of the healthcare's general principals and scope of practice, as well as basic regulation, medical specialty, medical terminology, grammar, spelling, punctuation and to be able to verbally communicate effectively with patients' and/or their caregivers.


* Present to work assignment on time
* Maintain strict patient confidentiality, according to HIPPA laws and Northeast Florida Health Services (NEFHS) Policies .Maintain dress code and personal hygiene per NEFHS Policies which arc given in the employee handbook.
* Triage patients with the objective of facilitating the Provider's Assessment Pinn of Treatment and medical encounter discharge without giving the patients' medical or non-medical advice or discussing the plan of treatment. Provide patient information and instructions per provider discretion.
* Assist providers in the patient diagnosis by gathering the following:
patient's medical history, obtaining vital signs, chief complaints, verifying medications and allergies, ensuring patients arc properly dressed/undressed for medical exam, ensuring that the information that the provider may need during the exam is readily available before the encounter begins and is not limited to labs, consults, ER reports and hospitalization reports.
* Escorts patients to exam rooms, interviews patient, measures vital signs including (weight, blood pressure, pulse and temperature, which will be documented in the patient's chart). Provide instructions, if any, to the patients as instructed by the Provider.
* Knowledge of how to clean, prepare, documentation of sterilize instruments.
* Preform medical procedures under direct supervision of the Provider.
* Be available to immediately assist the Provider in exam rooms.
* Observe and follow required safety protocols including, handling and disposals of sharps, use of personal protective equipment, exposure to bloodborne pathogens and general safety of employees and patients. Apply universal precautions always.
* Preform electrocardiograms, phlebotomy, collect, prepare, and preform basic laboratory specimens and test, along with any procedures that are directed by the Provider including but not limited to, pregnancy tests, Step tests, aerosol and respiratory treatments, urinalysis, and capillary blood glucose level.
* Prepare and administer medications as directed by the Provider.
* Transcribe medical dictation for medical records. Call in prescription orders or refills to the pharmacy, but only as ordered and approved by physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.
* Keep exam rooms stocked with adequate medical supplies .Take phone messages and provide feedback and answers to patient, Provider and pharmacy calls two times a day .Triage and process messages from patients and front office staff to Providers with appropriate documentation of message in the ER.
* Maintain all logs and required checks (i.e. refrigerator temperatures, emergency medications, expired medications, oxygen and room cleaning after each patient care, etc.) .Preform other duties as assigned by clinical Manager, Supervisor or Provider after training has been provided.
* Perform routine administrative tasks including but limited to, scheduling and managing patient's appointments and referrals with required documentation in conjunction with front desk and referral specialists.
* Updating and monitoring Quality Measures for each patient's medical records.
* Assists other team members at base clinic as well as other sites if necessary.
* Attends all staff meetings.
* Utilize supplies in a cost-effective manner .Exceptional customer service .Ability to maintain effective and organized systems to ensure timely patient flow.
* Annual Competence is required


* High school graduate or diploma
* Clear background check and drug screen
* Successful completion of Medical Assistance Training and/or certification program .Able to read and write consistent with job requirements; cognitive skills as related to the position .Proficient interpersonal relations and communicative skills

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