“Doing great things in small ways.”

-    North Perimeter: Area from breeze way to Gator Spot entrance
-    South Perimeter: Area from Arcade to Gator Spot entrance

-    Team members will be stationed at both entrances. Their primary job will be to check guests and their bags for any weapons and outside food, as per rules #9 and #11 (9/11). This is to be accomplished by employing techniques that are ‘disarming’ and engaging. Both North and South are responsible to roam and engage the guests in their areas, providing information, guidance, and hospitality, making them feel important and special. This is to be done while cleaning tables, benches, and the grounds.
-    Secondly, when not manning the gate, North Guest Service personnel should be positioned between the Carousel and Ticket Booth queue line.  South Guest Service personnel should be positioned between the Bumper Kars and Arcade entrance, this position is only to be manned if the admissions window is open. Use this positioning to answer guest’s ticket questions to expedite purchase decisions.
-    Finally, if assigned to roam the park from the North or South Entrance, roam counter-clockwise to ensure a consistent cleaning pattern.
-    Use blue rags for tables and benches. Use brown rags for trash can lids, recycling bins and any floor clean up.
-    Never use broom to clean off tables or benches.
-    Always dry off tables and benches immediately after it rains (even if the forecast calls for a rainy day.) Use squeegee first and blue rag second to ensures a dryer product.
-    Never use a blower as this is not conducive for guest engagement.
-    Use 10/5 Rule continuously.
-    Never argue with a guest, either verbally or with body language. If a confrontation situation arises, call your lead on duty or department manager – if none are available call the MOD.
-    Never give a child anything without the parent or guardian’s approval.
-    If an amber alert is announced in the park, position yourself by the entrances until instructed to leave the post.
-    Always display a smile and pleasant demeanor.
-    Clean ground in “layers”: tackle the big messes first (“what the eye sees”), then go for the smaller ones. Then, as time and business volume permits, focus on the “nooks and crannies.”
-    When rags are too dirty to continue using, deposit them in the dirty rag container located in the guest service office.
-    These are designed to be teachable and repeatable. “Each one teach one; each one reach one.”

To Apply, interested candidates should call  (407) 363-3867 ext. 118 and ask for Barbara Ramirez - mention CFEC.org job posting

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To Apply, interested candidates should call (407) 363-3867 ext. 118 and ask for Barbara Ramirez - mention CFEC.org job posting

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