The Materials and Distribution Manager provides day-to-day management of the Florida Hospital Laboratory/FHL courier operations and distribution of supplies to hospital and physician clients. Is responsible for hiring, scheduling, staff training and development, coordination with 3rd party courier vendors and vehicle maintenance. Reviews and provides data regarding stat and routine pickups and projections of courier work and costs. Plans, implements and reviews courier routes and schedules. As necessary, performs any and all expected laboratory courier duties. Manages supply inventory and distribution for outreach clients including monitoring utilization of consumables by location. Utilizes the integrated logistics system (Gajema) to maximize department productivity and communication. Meets laboratory goals to support Service, Clinical, Team, Financial and Market as defined by the corporate Extending Excellence Pillars. Actively participates in outstanding customer service and accepts responsibility in maintaining relationships that are equally respectful to all. Ensures adherence of staff, as well as personal accountability, to the Florida Hospital Corporate Compliance Plan and to all rules and regulations of all applicable local, state and federal agencies and accrediting bodies.


· Demonstrates through behavior Florida Hospital’s Core Values of Integrity, Compassion, Balance, Excellence, Stewardship and Teamwork as outlined in the organization’s Performance Excellence Program.

· Ensures hospital vehicles are operated within the laws of State of Florida, and policies of Florida Hospital; ensures vehicles are maintained to maximize cost effectiveness and productivity.

· Safely arranges transportation of biological specimens, equipment, supplies, reports and similar items or related paperwork according to defined schedule and department expectations.

· Ensures timely ordering of supplies to maintain adequate inventory to meet customer needs

· Manages staff and performs various activities to facilitate operation of laboratory to meet client’s needs, including scheduling of staff, dispatch, coordination of external couriers and similar activities.

· Develops and implements staff training programs. Utilizes feedback from Employee Engagement surveys, employee rounding, and other managerial resources to create productive and engaged work environment.

· Oversees functionality and service associated with the electronic tracking system and logistics management system (Gajema) used by Florida Hospital Laboratories.

· Provides quality indicators, cost analysis and budgetary data as needed. Responds quickly to issues identified by clients and departmental managers; skillful in communicating to the appropriate administrator (s) creating an atmosphere of cooperation. Provides prompt resolution to customer service issues within guidelines.

· Attends various meetings and participates in different committees associated with laboratory courier services. Participates in, and has knowledge of, laboratory and hospital Performance Improvement activities.

· Adheres strictly to Florida Hospital Compliance Plan and the rules and regulations of applicable regulatory authorities; protects confidentiality of patient information and results at all times.

· Properly utilizes PPE, and follows safety policies, including hand washing. Understands and adheres to Chemical Hygiene plan.

· Performs other duties as assigned or directed to ensure the smooth operation of the department or area.

Schedule: M-F 8a-5p



· Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well as part of a team and manage staff.

· Skills and aptitudes related to operating motorized vehicles safely.

· Ability to maintain schedule under time constraints.

· Ability to plan, organize and coordinate multiple courier routes.

· Ability to read text and numbers in English, with demonstrated ability to comprehend, measure, reason, match and problem solve.

· Ability to learn and apply computer related applications and programs, including using electronic keyboards and other peripheral devices.

· Ability to perform and use cost analysis information to establish optimal route projections.

· Accountable for bottom line performance of department financials.

· Able to exercise good judgment, use critical thinking skills, and problem solving techniques to optimize and improve department productivity, cost containment and staff management options.

· Ability to manage inventory of client equipment and supplies.

· Ability to evaluate client utilization data to ensure optimal supply distribution.

· Good oral and written communication skills including relationship building skills and customer service skills.

· Mature judgment and the ability to handle confidential information within Florida Hospital guidelines and applicable regulations.

· Ability to handle infectious biological specimens, caustics, toxic chemicals and/or irritants appropriately and safely.


· N/A


· Three (3) years Materials Management, Distribution Services, or Courier/Logistics Department experience - or other related experience

· Two (2) year supervisory or managerial experience

· Clean driving record


· Two years of college education in Management, Business or other related field


· Valid Florida Driver's License, Class E


· N/A

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Demonstrates through behavior Florida Hospital’s Core Values of Integrity, Compassion, Balance, Excellence, Stewardship and Teamwork as outlined in the organization’s Performance Excellence Program.
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