Tips On Being a Successful Vendor at Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great way to get your company’s name out there AND find a sea of candidates with various skill sets. Our job fair services have been wildly popular and along the way we’ve noticed some ways businesses can stand out and be successful!

  • Personally promote job fair through your own channels!
    Don’t rely solely on the job fairs marketing. Spread the word!

  • Make sure you have a good setup!
             Get creative to grab attention, look professional, and have an incentive for people
             to visit your table. (Candy, contest, raffle, etc.)

  • Be engaged!
             Don’t just sit there and wait for people. Put your phone down, stand in front of your
             table, and welcome them in!

  • Follow-up
             Collect emails and follow-up with them and offer new ways to stay connected even
             if you don’t hire them this round.

***Remember your companies reputation is on public display at job fairs. So be all in or stay out!***

(Above content on tips for vendors was provided by Dawn Sipley, CFEC Advisory Board Member and President of Sipley The Best)