Central Florida Employment Council's Top 10 Employer Success Tips for a Job Fair

  1. The Job Fair Staff representing your company in the booth must have knowledge of all vacant positions and needs that your company would like to fill. Have your job fair staff prepare a concise overview of your company, benefits packages, and open positions.

  2. Your booth display should provide company information. The Job Fair Staff is the focus and the booth is a "stage for information". Use standard company signage for brand awareness of your company and a visual display to give the job seeker a clear idea of what you do.

  3. Have informative, friendly, helpful and outgoing representatives at your booth. It is a good idea to have a couple of reps.; one to work the crowd and one to handle "one on one's" with potential candidates.

  4. Wear comfortable shoes and plan not to sit. Instead plan to stand, greet and welcome job seekers. Research has proven that sitting at your booth often limits the number of job seekers that approach your booth.

  5. If at all possible, try to use visual aids to enhance your verbal presentation. At the very least, have brochures to help initiate conversations with job seekers.

  6. Ask passers-by friendly, open-ended, yet specific questions in order to attract job seekers to your booth….for example… "Are you interested in a career in _________?"

  7. Arrive on time or early, so you have time to prepare, eat lunch, and network with neighboring booths.

  8. Plan to attend until the end of the event. When employer's leave it does not advertise a positive message to the job seeker that is looking at your empty booth.

  9. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Rapid follow up ideas could be..have an open house the next day for all the key candidates, or make appointments for all the key candidates (job seekers want to go away from your booth having a positive feeling about employment possibilities-otherwise they will secure employment elsewhere). To increase the percentage of successful interview arrivals after a job fair, make reminder phone calls or emails to all potential candidates. This is not only courteous, but it shows that you are interested in them and you were not just another employer. If you are a company that only refers the job seekers to your website to apply, because that is your process, you might want to still keep a list of potential candidates with their phone numbers and follow up with them to remind them they need to apply online at www, etc.

  10. Remember that there are other employers in attendance that day competing for good job seekers and sharing their opportunities as well. The job seekers will express their interest to many different employers that day. Therefore, you should select twice as many candidates as you need to come in for your interview process.