What are the benefits* for my company to attend a CFEC Job Fair?

Access to Qualified Candidates
One of the benefits of participating in job fairs is that they give companies access to large pools of qualified candidates.
Saving Time and Money
While companies may have to pay a fee to participate in a job fair, they can save time and money by allowing recruiters to zero in on exceptional candidates quickly, rather than using the scatter-shot approach of general advertising.
Meeting in Person
Allows recruiters to meet potential candidates in person from the very beginning, which can cut down time wasted lining up interviews for unqualified candidates. A career fair acts as a way for a company to conduct dozens of short, informal interviews over the course of a few hours. Face-to face meeting time lets recruiters put a human face on resumes and give extra attention to strong candidates.

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is attracting skilled workers who can help the business achieve its goals. It can be difficult for small, unknown companies to attract applications from qualified candidates. Job fairs are a common recruitment channel that present several potential benefits to the companies that attend them.

When is the next Central Florida Employment Council Job Fair?

Click for an upcoming CFEC Job Fair date or complete Employer Registration Request for details will follow.

What to expect at a CFEC Job Fair?

From entry lever, mid level and upper level career expereienced Central Floridans attend CFEC Job Fairs. Our job fairs TRULY reach a diverse population of applicants from all ethnic backgrounds and skill levels.

With a record of over 165+ job fairs held in Central Florida, since 1994, recruiters can rest assured that CFEC can draw qualified job seekers for their positions.With an attending average of 2500-3500+ job seekers and 80-100+ companies (during pandemic 500-1000 job seekers and 75-100 companies.The job fair facility is 36k square feet of space) at each job fair, CFEC has the largest Central Florida job fairs with diverse career fields and job seekers.

Each job fair covers the gamut of career fields locally available from medical, professional, hospitality, trade and many more.

When your company partners with CFEC, you benefit by getting qualified applicants faster thus freeing up valuable time. Your company benefits by saving money with our discount packages that are available. The Central Florida community benefits because through your fees we can offer additional well needed services to the unemployed and underemployed!

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Central Florida's Largest and Most Attended Job Fairs Include and ARE not limited to:

+ 8' x 10' space, Company table top sign, 2 Chairs, 8' Covered table, complimentary lunch and refreshments.

+ Your Company Name listing in display advertisements such as national and local job boards, social media, and email campaigns to job seekers and community partners.

+ Job Fair Commercials on Z88.3, Salem Media, iHeart Media, Entravision Communications.

+ CFEC.org Website, and local college career centers, libraries and local flyer distributions.

+ Listing in Job Fair Directory distributed day of fair.

+ Our Job fairs have PSA radio, TV and editorial coverage.

+ Multi job fair discounts are available. Click to view current year's job fair dates

+ Discounts on CFEC.org Job Board to search resumes or list jobs.

Click here to request complete pricing, details and employer registration form to participate in an upcoming Job Fair(s)

* Benefits research by Gregory Hamel, Chron a division of Hearst Newspapers, LLC