Job Fair Tips for Job Seekers

Career Fairs are an excellent way to meet, network, and interview with multiple recruiters in a short period of time. Fairs can land you jobs, enhance your search, and improve your interviewing skills.

Difficulty Level: Average
Time Required: 1-2 hours minimum
What to Bring:  Paper copies of your resume.

Here's How: 

To prepare yourself for a job fair, prepare a "15-30 second commercial" about yourself stating your strong points, skills, and/or education.
This way you will feel more comfortable speaking with employers, when you arrive.

Dress your best! We cannot stress this enough. Professional / business attire is expected by hiring employers.

The job market is still very competitive, and it is important that you get your game on! First impressions and your preparation are keys to your success. Keep a positive attitude and concentrate on the benefits of the experience.

Indulge your curiosity - talk to all of the companies that you would not normally be interested in. You never know, until you try.

Meet with as many people as you can. Take your time and be patient. Plan to be there the whole time, so you do not feel rushed. Hours for the job fair are noon until 4:00pm. Don't wait until the end, arrive at a decent time to give yourself ample time to complete applications and meet with recruiters.

Remember to follow up with applications, phone calls, interviews, and resumes after the job fair - which ever you discussed with the recruiters. Take notes.
Recruiters are still hiring job seekers from the job fair days after the job fair event is over - this is when employers are busy reviewing resumes, paper and online applications, making phone calls, and interviewing for a couple of weeks after the job fair has ended.

Video for tips: How to prepare for a job fair video

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