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What are the Resume Basics?

At the job fairs and online, CFEC receives thousands of resumes. While many are very good, we have also seen many that could be hindering instead of helping a job search. We put together some suggestions that will help you to be more successful in your search:

  • Put your name, address (with zip code) and telephone number on the resume.
  • Keep your email address professional. We had a few that were downright nasty! Luscious anything should not be in your e-mail.
  • Make sure your punctuation is correct, spelling is PERFECT, and you put a space in between words.
  • Use FL not fl for the state.
  • Use black type and Arial or New Times Roman font. They are easily scannable.
  • Do not put your picture on the resume unless you are applying for a modeling position.
  • Do not use fancy paper with clouds, etc.
  • Do not have long drawn out resumes with super small font. NO more than 1 to 2 pages. We got one for an entry level job that was 7 pages.
  • Do not put personal information like – I live with my lovely wife Ivette who I have been married to for 30 years. Our 2 sons are in college…
  • Don’t put I in a resume.
  • Use the right word. There is a difference between Their and There.

The key is, a neat and clean resume with your skills highlighted and your accomplishments front and center. Bullets are great. Use action words. Above all PROOFREAD!!!