Company Closing – Will You Know What To Do?

With the closing of Toy R Us, along with others who are shutting down low-performing stores to stay afloat (Winn Dixie, Footlocker, Best Buy, Sear, Gap, to name a few), it raises the flag of the number of those who will now join the ranks of the unemployed. While some will be fettered to other locations, the majority will not. Many of these are already under-employed to add insult to injury.


Considering the tragedy of these closings – thank you technology – the question to you is: Will you know what to do if your company closed? For those of you who said ‘Yes’ – major kudos to you!

For those of you who said ‘No,’ all hope is not lost. There is time to begin to make plans for what you would do if this were to happen to you. In all likelihood, it will at some point in your life. I have been the ‘victim’ of this, and not just once. I worked for a hospital, who underwent 4 changes, and another healthcare facility that was closing. I was the last person ‘alive,’ who had to close the whole operations, when the company folded.

So I know the devastation that can occur, especially if you are the sole breadwinner (which I was). There will be a roller coaster of emotions you will go through but then it becomes about getting yourself back out there and finding ways to earn money and get your life back on track.

This week will be focused on creating your Plan B and steps you can take to be in the pile of those who keep their jobs, that is if the company doesn’t fold. Location will play a part; the Hard Rock, here in Orlando is moving their headquarters down South – they offered their employees the opportunity to move. However, the majority said no so, if they were not offered another job, they’re out.

I think the first step is to recognize that it will be a blow, no matter the circumstance. How you deal with this depends on your outlook and attitude, which can either be a benefit or a hindrance in moving to your next steps. Then it will be time for career exploration (will you stay in this line of work or not), conducting a job search, dusting up the resume and interview skills, and focusing on how you will be successful in the new position. Start today to identify your network and connections.

These are what is involved in creating your plan, which should start NOW. Don’t wait until you lose a job to begin working on each of these. You don’t want to be hit with surprises. Having a plan will help you to feel ‘safer’ and more assured for any issues that may arise and you will be ahead of the pack. You can sleep better and put more effort into your current job (hint: be on the ‘stay’ pile).

Today is for idea creation on each of the areas mentioned earlier. Be solution-focused, not problem-focused. Take control of your career now. While not all is in your control, you can still take charge of what happens in your career. Don’t delay, start today!

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